Our Story


If you drive through Lapel, Indiana on the right summer day you’ll smell the delicious slow smoking of Jens Country Kitchen.


Jens Country Kitchen started simply enough. Jennifer White was bored with all the big brand barbecue sauces, so she asked her husband, Johnny, if he could make something different.

Johnny took it upon himself to find the finest local ingredients and create a sauce so good it would dazzle his wife's taste buds. After a few attempts it was done. Jens Country Kitchen BBQ Sauce had been created. 


After hosting a number of backyard barbecues friends and family clamored for their own bottles of “The Sauce.” Next, Jen and Johnny did what came natural, they started a local business. Jens Country Kitchen became official on Feburary 1, 2011. 

Since then, #TheSauce has developed a strong following in Central Indiana. Summer cookouts for the Village Fair in Lapel, Indiana have become a tradition for the locals. 

Once you’ve tried Jens Country Kitchen BBQ Sauce you’ll understand why we call it #TheSauce